Extra virgin Cretan olive oil of early crop

The extra virgin olive oil Patima is an extract of the choicest variety of olives from trees growing in Crete. The particular olive trees are known for producing an oil that tends to become sweeter with time. The exceptional quality of this olive oil is managed with a cropping tactic, referring to gathering of the fruit at a semi-mature state adding a compound growth to its natural healthy fat content. We use modern methods for olive pressing and storing the freshly squeezed juice until its maturity approaches the proper level to be bottled.

Crete is known worldwide for its extra virgin olive oil production. The beneficial Cretan diet is based in daily consumption of olive oil, ‚Äčthat fact has brought the well-known results to the famous Cretan diet in a research among seven countries.

Add some tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil Patima to each meal of the day to enjoy its superior taste and nourish your body with the important intake of healthy olive oil fat it requires.

Available olive oil packages

Olive oil size packages

Patima olive oil comes in convenient glass and tin containers. They are ideal to conserve our olive oil’s fine taste and are easy to ship anywhere on the globe.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml