Patima Olive Oil: Where Tradition Meets Excellence, Drop by Drop

Ancient olive press

More than just a brand, Patima Olive Oil is a legacy. Its name, deeply rooted in the ancient Greek term for millstones used in olive oil extraction, conjures images of time-honored traditions practiced amidst sprawling olive groves. While physical remnants of these ancient presses remain elusive, local stories passed down through generations speak of an olive press near the village of Patima, its age lost to time yet its spirit alive. This rich historical significance positions Patima as the beating heart of olive oil production in the region, where the art of crafting exceptional extra virgin olive oil lives on.

A Legacy of Generations

Aleksakis, hailing from a long line of farmers and shepherds, shared a deep connection to the land and its potential. Recognizing the diverse micro-ecosystems of Patima’s unique microclimate – from the life-giving presence of the freshwater Lake Kournas, fed by the White Mountains of Chania, to variations in elevation and soil composition – Giorgos (meaning “land cultivator” in Greek) understood that the key to producing exceptional olive oil lay in harnessing these natural attributes. Inspired by Patima’s microclimate, he meticulously cultivated olive groves across different elevations to craft exquisite olive oil.

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Continuing the Tradition

Today, Patima Olive Oil is proudly managed by Giorgio’s grandson, Stelios Aleksakis. With a Bachelor of Science in tourism business and a strong passion for cultural growth and tourism development, Stelios brings a fresh perspective to the family business. Deeply rooted in Cretan heritage, Stelios discovered his culinary passion early on. In 2007, his family opened Pelagia’s Yard, a renowned restaurant in Kournas, Chania, celebrated for its farm-fresh cuisine. Here, Stelios’s mother, Pelagia, crafts authentic Cretan dishes with Patima Olive Oil, a testament to their commitment to quality.

Pelagia's Yard restaurant

Embrace Tradition, Indulge in Excellence

Apart from managing the restaurant and its on-site product store, the family also operates an online shop. Here, customers can buy Patima Olive Oil and handpicked items selected by Pelagia. Embrace tradition with Patima Olive Oil. Explore our offerings at Mama Pelagia’s Online Store